Our Fitness Classes

All inclusive, friendly and designed to accommodate everyone from the beginner just starting out on their fitness journey to those training for events and in the peak of condition.  VIBES Health & Fitness classes are held in the community making them more accessible to you.

Whether you want to torch fat, lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or just de-stress
and feel good about yourself, when it comes to fitness, our strength is to make your
goals and aspirations happen.

Regular gyms can be intimidating and impersonal and once you have
paid your membership fees, they are often not really interested in you as an individual.   Our clients do not say this about us.  Many have continue to return to us and some have been with us since we started over ten years ago!

We travel to your local community providing the highest quality personal training and fitness classes so you don’t have to go to the gym and we provide the personal touch no matter how you choose to keep fit. We have helped literally hundreds of people on their journey to a fitter lifestyle through inspirational training with our team of fully qualified elite personal trainers. 

Come along to a class, or just call us today
and start your own journey to the new and improved you.

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A range of great value fitness classes in the Norfolk community

Fitness Classes the VIBES way

Our range of friendly, fitness classes are suitable for all ages and abilities.  

Spin Classes

Burn up to 600kCal in the ultimate cardio workout set to some great workout tunes!


Boxing training methods for an very efficient and exciting workouts

Circuit Training

A full body conditioning & strengthening workout. Suitable for all fitness levels.


(Indoor cycling)

Some call them torturous, others exhilarating, but there’s no denying the popularity of exercising on spin bikes.

What sets these fitness classes apart is the visual imagery provided by instructors.

Participants are led on a virtual outdoor road trip complete with hills, valleys, fast straights and finish and its all set to popular music.

Before you reserve your spot (these classes are in demand and reservations are a necessity), there are questions to ask and precautions to take in order to make your ride an enjoyable one.

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Indoors or outdoors you can’t beat a rigorous, multi-station circuit class to get the calories burning.

We have quality gym equipment enabling the total body workout you require.

Our circuit classes have something for everyone and our clients have NEVER done the same class, two weeks running!

Circuit classes are a great way to improve your cardio fitness, but also include exercises to strengthen and tone.

A balanced circuit workout will include lifting exercises for legs, pulling exercises for the back, pushing exercises for the chest, plus core and cardio stations.

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Boxing training methods have undergone continual development for decades to become very efficient and exciting workouts.

We have a variety of effective drills and exercise methods to draw from that are great fun.

Classes will vary from week-to-week to keep the body and mind stimulated. You will be using focus pads and gloves, sparring and taking part in some circuit style routines.

Boxercise is a high energy workout and bags of fun. It is also a great stress buster and you will come out of these classes feeling completely energised.

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